Volunteer Groups

This is just a start of listing the nonprofit groups who have volunteered in the area. Please let me know of other groups and what they have done in the area. Ideally, we'd list an item here and maybe link to their website for a more complete description of what they did. As with everything on these pages, it's a work in progress and will grow.

Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers (VMBaH) http://www.vmbah.org/
     Built and maintains 2mi of single track trail (Mooseberry Mesa and Moose Poop Loop) in the CMT area.
     Has built a couple reroutes in the KBLSRA.
     Has conducted several trail building training sessions in the CMT and KBLSRA, some in collaboration with Alaska Trails.
     Frontiersman article on trail building training: Trail Blazers .
     Operated Mooseberry Stampede mountain bike race for 3 years (so far) to raise awareness of this trail system and raise funds for signage program.
     Helped install posts in CMT.

Crevasse Moraine Trail Association (CMTA) http://www.cmtatrails.org/
     Added geogrid to Swamp Loop of CMT.
     Built pavilion in start area of CMT.
     Cleaned up trails.
     Operated running races for cancer and trail awareness.

Mat-Su Trail Council (MSTC) http://wind.prohosting.com/matsutrl/
     Helped CMTA install geogrid on Swamp Loop of CMT.
     Helped CMTA build pavilion in CMT.
     Helped install posts in CMT.

Alaska Trails http://www.alaska-trails.org/
     Helped VMBaH with trail building training.

Eagle Scout candidate organized project to install posts on Mat-Su College trails and repair their observation deck.

Boy Scout Troop 367

Pioneer Ski Patrol

Valley Women's Running Team (VWRT) www.vwrt.org
     Operated races and training runs in the area.

Equestrians have helped with sign installation in CMT.

Our Neighbors and Supporters

Friends of Mat-Su (FOMS) http://foms.net/

Alaskans for Palmer Hay Flats http://www.palmerhayflats.org/

Gateway Community Council

Trail Resources

Single Track Advocates (STA) http://www.singletrackadvocates.blogspot.com/
      An Anchorage trail advocacy group responsible for raising funds and building / contracting single track trails in the Far North Bicentennial Park. An interesting success story, that could form a model for some of what MGB does going forward.

International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) http://www.imba.com/
      An international organization advocating for sustainable trails AND conducting training throughout the US to help volunteer groups build sustainable trails. They've been instrumental in our trail training here.