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Trailhead Signs

Each of the eight trailheads of the Matanuska Greenbelt has a standard MGT poster, which has been tailored for each trailhead and special considerations and rules for that property. For instance, Crevasse-Moraine Trailhead has etiquette for skiing, Matanuska Lake has specific rules, and Matanuska Experiment Farm may have farm equipment on their fields that you need to avoid.

The focus of the sign is the map, then the Etiquette and Emergency contact info. The do's / don'ts are on the left side. More descriptive info is on the right. We maintained the same format across trailheads, but adjusted the information for each trailhead.

Each sign is about 30in x 45in. The map is a little larger than 2ft x 2ft. Right clicking allows you to download the file. Double clicking the text link opens the file in a separate window, double clicking the thumbnails opens file in this window.

Crevasse-Moraine Trailhead (Oct 25, 2011, final)
Matanuska Experiment Farm (Oct 25, 2011, final)
Matanuska Lake Trailhead (Apr 24, 2012, final)


Trailhead signs in new bulletin board structures at Crevasse-Moraine (left) and Matanuska Experiment Farm (right) Trailheads. Huge thanks to MSB Trails and shop crews for building these and to the MSB Trails crew and Matanuska Experiment Farm crew for installation.                                   

                        Crevasse-Moraine Trailhead sign.                                                                                                 Matanuska Experiment Farm Trailhead sign.


Gateway double-posts are being located at selected
major intersections throughout the system. This one
is at back trailhead at CMT.