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Farm Tour - Self-Guided

Welcome to the Matanuska Experiment Farm. To help guide you around the farm - both research areas near the buildings as well as connectors with the rest of the Matanuska Greenbelt Trails system - we've located 21 points for you to explore on your own.

The tour is available in 4 formats:

1.       Hardcopy (printed or .pdf online)

2.       .gpx file of waypoints – Right click to download gpx file.. Put in your gps and follow trails to the points. Easiest to visualize if you have the trails in your gps.

3.       OnlineArcGIS Online in your browser – either desktop or iGadget - link takes you to ArcGIS online where you can view the map.

4.       iGadget using ArcGIS (free in iTunes),  Directions


With the online versions, if you click on

Line – the name and type of the trail will pop up (type is indicated by colorization)

Intersections with a map-like icon – Name of intersection. This will likely pick up several items, use the right arrow in the Location box to hit data points to get to the desired ones. Flip through the pages with finger swipes or tap the dots at bottom of screen.

Points of Interest – touch the yellow circles.  This should provide a very brief description of the point. (these can have pictures. We’re just not that far along yet.)


This is all experimental. We’re feeling our way with the various iGadgets and gazillion programs and apps to see what works best. If you know of other programs or apps where .shp files or .gpx files can be used for these types of applications, we’d be interested in your experiences.