Trail Maps

Matanuska Greenbelt 5.1 11x17 map (2016/01/02) (3.7mb) is a map of the entire greenbelt area intended for 11x17in paper, but can be shrunk to 8.5x11. This has a little bit more information about the various properties in the text at the bottom. This version is recommended for people new to the area.

Matanuska Greenbelt 5.1 8.5x11 map (2016/01/02) (2.4mb) is also a map of the entire greenbelt area but adjusted to maximize the amount of map on 8.5x11 paper. It has less text at the bottom.

Interactive Trails Map - Jan 2016 - subject to changes as we go - may not be advertised. Click on trails to see their names. Click on Gateway double post icons to see those intersection names. Open "Contents" to toggle various layers off/on, including the post ID numbers. The default setup is what we think most users would want - relatively uncluttered, but you can add things you want. (some updates have been made in summer 2018 to accommodate trail changes)

Version 5.1 has the new Fox trails in Greenbelt Central, named trails near Landfill (difficult to see), new Mat-Su College trailhead (realigned slightly after Massay Theater was constructed).

Version 5.0 has the new CMT parking area and connector trails (may be too congested to see), new Bear trails in Greenbelt Central (the MSB parcel near State Park), several bypass trails, changes in Mat-Su College trailhead area (construction), improved tracks for some trails, and the new half-foot imagery from MSB taken in spring 2011.

Version 4.1 has only some minor trail revisions plus addition of latitude / longitude coordinates at edge. The new trailhead signs and kiosk signs are expected to have lat/long on them. (hopefully before winter 2011)

Version 4 contains the new names for the Mat-Su College Trails.

Version 3 of the maps has the new names for Matanuska Lakes State Recreation Area (formerly Kepler-Bradley Lakes State Recreation Area) and trails within Crevasse Moraine (rather than loop numbers).

The goal of the “Trail Tread” coding is to let people know where certain types of trail are: cool single tracks, groomable ski trails, and hardened (asphalt or gravel surfaces) areas that might be useful during breakup. “Dirt roads” are the farm “roads” and well monitoring “roads.”  Some may have firmer surfaces than most trails, but are non-motorized for recreational users. “Groomable ski” trails are those that may be groomed, possibly for skate and classic, but obviously depends on conditions. Other trails are also used by skiers, but have never been machine groomed.

Directional signs on the trails are on intersections on these maps. If you see a "trail" without a sign, it is not on this map and will not have signs anywhere else on it.

Maps are not suitable for legal purposes, but just intended to give an idea of trail locations and property boundaries.

We appreciate any feedback. 

If you're looking for more detailed maps with post numbers and other information for event and emergency pre-planning, please see  That page will also explain differences in maps. It's a challenge to get all the information on a map, so several have been developed.

Matanuska Greenbelt Trailheads

Matanuska Greenbelt Trails Region google map showing general area and trailheads to facilitate people finding the trailheads from where ever they are.

Here are two tables with approximate acreages and miles of trail by tread type and property:

MGT Property Areas and Trail Miles

Mobile Web Page has concise list of maps that's more easily visible on a smartphone. Our QR codes usually point to that page.