MGT: March 16, 2011, meeting summary

posted Mar 22, 2011, 1:28 AM by Dot Helm   [ updated Dec 19, 2011, 10:59 PM ]
March 16 was a small meeting but I've been in contact with some of the missing folks between meetings and will be again.

1. Trailhead signs. Norm showed the revised verbage based on trail users' comments. What I'll try to do is catch up with the other managers over the next couple weeks and see if they have anything special to include, then put all the revised signs online so people can see what they all look like, and see if there's anything they'd like different.

2. Lots of loose ends regarding costs and fund raising for the trailhead signs, but I'm hoping we'll figure that out over the next few weeks.

3. Some of the land managers may have their own crews assemble the trailhead structures; others may depend on volunteers.

4.  Landfill expansion is major question since the manager left and no replacement yet. That only affects a small part of the system at the north end, but it potentially has a major effect on access from that end.

5. We had the prototype kiosk sign - the map (about same size as the 11x17) on a 10.5 in metal sign, like the directional signs. Everyone seemed to really like it. We still need to figure out where they should go and anything else that should be on them. I also need to tweak some colors a little at suggestion of the sign manufacturer. That's lower priority than trailhead signs.

6. I was able to talk with the new MSB Community Development Manager, James King, about the MGT and showed him the map and new signs as well as draft trailhead signs. He really liked what we we are doing, so everybody is still on board.

7. This week's quiz: What method of displaying lat/long do you use in your gps or phone app? (post in Discussions)

1. N61.58307°    W149.19250°

2. N61°34.984'    W149°11.555'

3. N61°34'59.1"   W149°11'33.0"

4. other?

5. Do you vary display method based on what you're doing?

These are all the same location (what used to be Y where Expressway, Outer Trail, and Long Lake Connector meet). Many people don't recognize the differences in these display methods.

We will likely be putting lat/long coords on the kiosk signs and trailhead signs and want to be sure we choose the most useful format. (I'll also check some other sources besides trail users. There may be reasons - like emergency services - to select a display method that's less common than that used by users.)

Thanks for your help.

See you on the trails.