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Updates on class, work days, signs, next meeting

posted Oct 14, 2010, 1:20 AM by Dot Helm
This is just to update you on several issues.

1. Trail building class at MSC on Sat 10/16 has been cancelled because too few were enrolled. Enrolled folks have already received an automated phone call. I just wanted to be sure that anyone that was just going to show up knows that it is cancelled. However, it also appeared that some people had trouble registering. Could you please let me know if (a) you were unable to navigate the registration system or (b) you were interested in attending, but hadn't gotten around to registering? We'd like to get an idea for potential interest in the future.

2. Trail workday on Sunday 10/24 on Mooseberry Mesa is still on (VMBaH event but everyone welcome). 10am-4pm. Meet CMT parking lot. We need to fix the rutting and some other wear / tear issues. (People can do their choice of Zombie races on Saturday, then work on Sunday.) Remember that if you do 8hr of documented volunteer trail work on MSB trails in a year, you get a free parking permit for MSB trailheads for the year.

3. The College signs are still at the manufacturer, who has had production issues with people out sick and "not before the 20th" is the latest forecast. The donor plates for 2010 are still waiting at the trophy shop, as his computer died. (I really, really thought we could wrap this stuff up by this weekend. <sigh>)

4. There's a possibility of a few more posts being installed on farm and old well monitoring road (CMT), if the farm folks and landfill folks can squeeze it into their respective schedules. The positions are marked. (I had talked with Greg Goodale of the Landfill and he's supportive of us signing those two corners of the well monitoring road since they likely won't be impacted for 70 yrs, and the signs will direct people away from the active landfill. He prefers that his people install the posts so they know where they are. This will provide some signed connectivity with the College.)

5. Next meeting will be in evening, probably starting about 6pm. Date to be decided, but hopefully in next couple weeks. This first meeting we want as many users and land managers there as possible. When we decide where we're headed this next year(s), we may decide that some of those issues are best handled by smaller work groups, by managers only, or by trail users / volunteers only or a mix.
Main topics expected to be
a. Trailhead signs
b. Trail management
c. Events (races, festivals, etc)
d. Others?

6. Updated map. I'll probably do that in the next week or so. That will have the new college trail names on it and a few other tweaks.

7. New website. We're having to move our website to Google Sites as their Groups is removing support for Pages and Files, but still keeping Discussions. I'm still trying to work out some kinks that I don't like about the new format, but it does have some fancier stuff, like a calendar. Our old site does link to it.
I don't think I can remap the tinyurl address to the new site.

As anyone has events, meetings, whatever in the Greenbelt, we'd like to post those here so everyone knows about them. It'll also be a useful memory jogger when you can't remember when a trail work day is.;)

On the Trail Maps page of the new site, click on the Google maps link to get to a google map of the trailheads so people can find their own directions.
You can also get there via Google Maps, searching for "Matanuska Greenbelt" on User-created maps (search option). Yea, google doesn't know about the roundabout yet or the Georgeson Loop (or whatever it ends up being called).

Enjoy the weather while it lasts!!