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MGT updates Oct 19, 2015

posted Oct 20, 2015, 1:08 AM by Dot Helm
1. Next meeting Oct 27, 5:30pm, Matanuska Experiment Farm. Room to be announced. We'll revisit the "race" permit application, best methods (web, FB, msg board at trailhead, email) to get information to people as users' needs have changed over the years.

If you're considering putting on an event - or have had good/bad experiences with events, this would be a good meeting to attend to provide feedback. It would be good for anyone to come and provide input for future projects.

We're trying to enhance the user experience for everyone.

2. Just before the main meeting, Oct 27, we will have another Fun with Matanuska Greenbelt Maps session starting at 4:30pm. Room to be announced at Matanuska Exp Farm.  Many people are aware of our main maps, but either don't know about the interactive and other maps or don't realize how they can use them. This is to get people pointed in the right direction. This will be setup with good ol' powerpoint to avoid internet and screen size issues. If you have a smart device with a browser, you might consider bringing that so you can test things. (cell doesn't usually work in these larger buildings, and internet might be slow, so may not work out)

Please let me know if you're thinking of coming to the mapping session. Number of people may help determine what room we use.

3. Mat-Su Transportation Fair. Oct 22, 4-8pm, Menard Center. Great source of information on trails and transportation corridors. That's this Thursday.  "Transportation Corridor" is not only how we get to the trails, but can be a trail experience in itself. Now's the time to provide input, esp. on Glenn Hwy MP 34-42, which includes getting in and out of Mat Lakes SRA as well as non-motorized crossing of Glenn Hwy in Palmer (aka "the tunnel").

4. Signs aren't finished yet. The manufacturer is having some issues.

5. Email list. If you know of someone who thinks they're on our email list, but didn't see this email, please have them send me their email address since we obviously don't have them on our list. There's been a number of changes of ISPs over the past year and not sure I've gotten all of them.

Hope you enjoyed the sun today and have been enjoying the nice fall with great leaf color (well, before they fell).