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MGT Updates July 11, 2014

posted Sep 5, 2014, 11:39 PM by Dot Helm
Here's some updates for you on a warm sunny evening.

1. Alaska Agriculture Appreciation Day. Thursday, August 7,  12pm to 5pm. Matanuska Experiment Farm.  Over the years, this event has evolved into a neat collection of natural resource displays and demonstrations but also agricultural and farm life displays / demonstrations. (I don't have a list for this year of who will be there.)  (If you need directions how to get there, search google maps for "Matanuska Experiment Farm Trailhead", and you should find it and get directions. I think I was able to add 4 of the main trailheads to the map.)

Matanuska Greenbelt will have a table. The new Executive Director, Kim Ryals, for Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation will be at their table. The MSB Landfill will also have a table where the Landfill manager will have a map of our trails overlaid on their proposed sequencing (assuming IT can get the different files to speak to each other) and some other new things. If you have questions about what's happening at the Landfill and interactions with trails, this would be a good time to ask. They're trying to use newer technology for some things.

2. We're in the process of semi-formalizing financial arrangements with Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation so that we can accept donations for projects, and get the money to the vendors to purchase materials. We'll be doing some additional Buy a Posts as well as one project.

An assortment of things happened this summer where there was interest in fixing / replacing the bridge/walkway out to the island/peninsula on the north side of Matanuska Lake. The things that came together were the need, some interest in donations (one major donation on its way), and an eagle scout candidate. After we get a budget with vendor quotes, we'll have a better idea if we need more funds for this.

How the selection of a project happens in the future remains to be worked out. Have a list of candidate projects and vote each year and raise funds for it.  This bridge was just an opportunity that we didn't want to let pass.

This is definitely a trial year both for MGT figuring out what we want to do and for the MSTPF working with these funds.

I'm not sure how many post slots will be available, but I'm trying to be sure the people who asked over the last year or two are taken care of first. IF you haven't received an email from me in the last day or two about this AND you asked earlier, please let me know since that means I don't have your name on my list.

3. Trail Beautification Day. Saturday, Sept 27. Meet at Crevasse-Moraine. Time TBD, but probably 10am-2pm range. This will be a day to help pick up the trash primarily along College Connector / K-Mart Alley -between the landfill road and the powerline. The landfill has added some structures to reduce the amount of trash blowing out of the landfill. They've had workers cleaning up some of the area, and it has improved part of that trail section. They've asked if the trail users can help. The day will be more than just pick up trash, but not sure of details yet (probably food). Landfill folks and Parks and Rec are working on this.

4. Race permit applications. The package of DRAFT applications, reports, emergency maps, and explanations are here: Some of this will change as the agencies get more experience with this and get feedback. BUT we recognize that people who may be looking to put on an event next year are doing their homework now. We wanted to be sure they had an idea what type of information is being expected. Some of the information is really needed for safety and was not included in the past.  This is only for events going across more than one property. Please ask if you have questions or offer suggestions. Note that all the .pdf forms are ones that you can type into, save, and email. We can access the data fields to save typing.

Enjoy the trails!