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MGT News March 5, 2014

posted Mar 5, 2014, 5:32 PM by Dot Helm   [ updated Mar 5, 2014, 5:32 PM ]
1. Next meeting April 1, 5:30pm, Matanuska Experiment Farm. We will continue our discussion of dealing with multiple kinds of races across property boundaries in a somewhat standard way. We'll have a strawman skeleton to be filled out, modified, or burned. ;)  (see below for summary)

The last meeting of this winter we're aiming for sometime in week of April 14 or 28. Hopefully, the Machetanz teachers will be able to share with us what they've been working on. They came to one of our early meetings this year, then I gave a presentation on our signage program to the three 3rd grade classes back in February.

2. Crevasse-Moraine Trails plan was approved by MSB Assembly on Tues night. Thank you, Assembly, esp. Matthew Beck, district 2 rep. Lazy Mtn and Mat River Park were also approved.

3. Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation is looking for a full-time Executive Director who is a visionary and creative with a passion for trails and parks essential to maintaining healthy communities in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough. This is a full time position starting as soon as possible. Spread the word. Deadline is March 21, 4pm.

4. Alaska Trails Statewide Trails Conference is April 24-26 with 2 days of training before then, if interested. These conferences are usually really good with sessions on trail building, advocacy, funding, and other things as well as lots of networking time. This is the place to be to learn about trails in Alaska. Conference will be at APU in Anchorage. More information and registration is here:

5. Nutshell summary of the race discussions to date. Races that have crossed property boundaries have had to file permit applications with all the different land managers and deal with 3 sets of rules, etc. What the managers have decided collectively is to try to standardize this. Many (most?) details need to be worked out, but we're aiming for a single permit app for the area and a 3rd party, like the Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation, deal with race fees and deposits.

We're anticipating that fee structures and expectations of the organizers will likely be based on both size of event as well as the size and type of organization. IOW, an event of a small all-volunteer organization with 20-runner 5k would be treated differently than a large for-profit corporation putting on a 500-person event. We're hoping to have a strawman skeleton race app draft by the April 1 meeting and continuing the discussion with both managers and users.

We *started* talking about emergency procedures, including creating another map which indicates what type of vehicle might be most appropriate for extracting injured people. Many areas you can either get very close with a normal vehicle but in most areas, you may need a stretcher to get someone out.

While there's a lot of work to be done yet (we're just starting), this is probably the first major step forward since we started the sign program 5 yr ago. We've got the key administrators discussing things and how to resolve mutual issues in a consistent manner. It's exciting.

Don't forget to check our FB page occasionally since I'll post some updates there when I don't want to email the whole list.

Get out and enjoy the snowy trails!