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MGT Meeting Wed, Nov 13, 5:30pm and other updates

posted Oct 21, 2013, 3:06 AM by Dot Helm
Just wanted to let you know about meeting next month and try to answer some questions that are being asked.

1. Next meeting is Wed Nov 13, 5:30pm in Kerttula Hall, Matanuska Experiment Farm. If you need directions, they're at 1509 S Georgeson Drive and can be found on our trailhead map:  .   Kerttula Hall is the main building. Go in main door and turn left into big room. Please try to arrive on time since some people have to leave by 6:30pm. The Matanuska Greenbelt Association will be 5 yr old on Dec 3. A lot has been accomplished, and a lot has changed. We'd like to revisit where we've been and where we'd like to go. Please spread the word.

2. Directional signs for new trails have been submitted a couple weeks ago, and we're waiting for the manufacturer.

3. New maps are being worked on. These will include the new trails, relocated trailheads, new imagery, and a few things you may or may not notice in the .pdf but are very noticeable on the zoomable interactive maps. I'm still collecting pieces of information to put in new map. New maps will be included in new trailhead signs. Details of changes were included in last email:

4. Fox Trails Public Notice for MSB. If you'd like to see more single track mountain bike trails like the new Bear Trails, the MSB is proposing some more in the vicinity of the Picnic Table Single Track, in Greenbelt Central. Please see full announcement and map of proposed trails here and write a letter of support.

5. Crevasse-Moraine Master Plan before Parks, Rec, Trails Advisory Board. Oct 28, 5pm, MTA headquarters.

6. Matanuska Experiment Farm Master Plan Survey. The Farm will be 100 yrs old in 2017, and they'd like your input on what you'd like to see for their tripartite missions of Public Service, Teaching, and Research. Note that trails and outdoor recreation, as well as other items, are options in both the Public Service as well as Research components. They had the MGT and Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation share tables with them at Agriculture Appreciation Day the last 2 years.  for background.

7. Buy a Post. Several people have asked about this. Right now we aren't accepting donations. (short version of long story: we still have some money from fund raisers but no opportunities for Buy a Posts right now.)  I'm hoping there will be opportunities in the future on new trails. We've talked about some interpretive signs. We want to see what opportunities the group would like. Thoughts? - come to the meeting on Nov 13 to discuss.

8. Trapping in MGT. There's been some confusion about this. Trapping IS allowed in the Matanuska Lakes State Recreation Area, but it IS NOT allowed on the other properties. A few weeks ago there was a trapping class that included setting some traps on the Farm, but they were to be monitored. Those people were legitimate for that class, but only that time period. However, in general, trapping is not allowed on the Farm, and if you see something, report it to the Farm office.

9. Additions to email list. If you know of anyone who wants to be added to our email list, please have them email
It's *really* easy for me to add them from that address and saves scribbling addresses on scraps of paper. That contact is also at the bottom of our home page.

I'll send out a reminder about the meeting closer to Nov 13 - and anything I forgot on this email.

Get out and enjoy the trails!