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MGT Meeting Reminder Nov 13, new maps

posted Nov 11, 2013, 4:28 PM by Dot Helm
New maps!

I anticipate having printed 11x17in copies of the new maps for at least the first 25 who sign in at the meeting on Wed, Nov 13, 5:30pm, Matanuska Experiment Farm. Ironically, this is version 5.0 - just shy of our 5th anniversary. Some people need to leave by 6:30pm, so please come on time so you can get a map and we can start on time. We have a lot to cover.

New maps include the new trails, trailhead construction, trail migration, better gps tracks (curvy rather than angly), and an assortment of other things including the MSB's new imagery. These won't go online until I've got everything finalized (still working on a couple internal glitches, not visible at scale of the printed map). So if you want a new trail map, come to the meeting! 

Goals for the meeting are to
1. Get everyone on the same page - where we've been and why. After 5 yrs, there's been lots of changes.

2. Where does the group want to go from here. (life after maps and signs which are in autopilot mode, sorta)

3. Thoughts on sustainability and trying to tap the potential of the area beyond trails.  Trying to disperse the opportunities among more people and take more advantage of natural and cultural history resources = the things that make this area special besides a location for trails.

1. Brief introductions of everyone.

2. Matanuska Greenbelt (Dot) - how it came to be and what's there besides trails, including our neighbors. Big picture - both historically and spatially.

3. Land managers (by land managers) - brief update on what they've been doing, plan to do, as well as review of missions and how they tie in with the MGT. (about 5 min each)

6:00ish pm
4. Other groups with interest in MGT. 
Teacher(s) from Machetanz Elementary School who want to use the MGT for Place-Based Learning in conjunction with their Iditarod Trail in Every Classroom
ADF&G outreach
National Heritage Area
Great Land Trust

We're also hoping to have District 2 assemblyman, maybe someone from Palmer, and maybe someone from Gateway Community Council.

Plane flights, commuting times, and meeting conflicts could affect any of these.

Hope to see you all Wednesday evening.

Enjoy the trails and drive safely. Enjoy the snow.