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MGT meeting Mon Nov 1, 6pm, Matanuska Experiment Farm lab

posted Oct 21, 2010, 1:46 PM by Dot Helm
Our next meeting will be Monday Nov 1, 2010, at 6pm in the upstairs lab at the Matanuska Experiment Farm - the large building near the marker on this google map: 

We've tried to schedule this to include as many people as possible - managers and trail users. Once we decide where we're headed and priorities, we'll likely have smaller work groups to carry out whatever. We're wrapping up the trail signs (waiting for manufacturer still) and map, which were the original goals. Where now?

We do expect trailhead signs to be a top priority - content and materials. I know State Parks has already started on theirs but know we may have suggestions on content. (If anybody has pictures of trail users in MLSRA, could you please let us know. Their sign designer is interested.) I think the Borough is also working on sign standards.

Trail management issues that have been suggested in the past include - among other ideas -
1. Maintenance - MOU's, volunteer coordination, etc.
2. How can we continue to have races without negatively impacting other trail users.
        Hardening of trails, limiting races to trails with greater carrying capacities, other ideas?
3. How can system better accommodate diversity of users (hikers, bikers, skiers, horses, runners, dog walkers) - both types of use and skill / fitness level?
        Design trails for certain uses, harden, more trails, other ideas?
4. How to characterize amount of trail use (number and type of users) to improve management and maintenance?

No, we don't expect to solve the world's problems in one night, but hopefully we can prioritize some things and move forward on at least one or two items (several are interconnected under the concept of planning, building, and maintaining a trail system). We need what, who, where, when, how, and where to get funds, if needed.

More details of past discussions on the future are at end of Summary of May 6, 2010, Meeting on our website

Note: We have our own domain now to facilitate finding us on the web:

Come prepared to share ideas.

And don't forget trail work this Sunday  10/24 at CMT trailhead 10am-4pm. Bring personal gear including food and water. VMBaH will provide pulaskis and mccleods.

See you either this Sunday and/or Mon Nov 1 6pm.