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Meeting Mon Nov 1, 2010 at 6pm at Matanuska Exp Farm, Sign Progress

posted Oct 29, 2010, 1:44 AM by Dot Helm
Reminder:  Next MGT meeting is Monday evening Nov 1, 2010 6pm in the upstairs lab at the Matanuska Experiment Farm. We encourage as many people as possible to attend the meeting to decide where we’re headed in the future. Two properties have significant management changes since we last met, and both Mat-Su College and MSB’s CMT have a lot they’re considering. See end of email for directions. (now that we have the trails straight, the roads want to confuse us)


We completed installing this year’s directional signs today – just BEFORE the rain and snow started. We had just received the remaining 55 signs from the manufacturer on Tuesday. Thanks to Joe Moore for giving me a hand finishing that. We now have 208 signs on over 70 posts over 30mi of trails. We had 42 Buy a Posts. We did way more than we said we were going to do thanks to the support of all the donors and volunteers. I’ll have some more summary data for the meeting when I have a chance to pull all the numbers together.

There’s a few miscellaneous things that can still be done but mostly waiting on land managers' decisions. All the 2009 donor plates have been installed. None of the 2010 donor plates have been installed yet. I stopped by that shop this afternoon, and he’s still having problems with his engraving machine. (Anyone know where to get .plt fonts for engravers for windows that are bold, simple block similar to what we have out there? His DOS machine crashed.) We might need to consider other options since I would like to get them up soon.

Meeting topics:

Do we want to continue operating as we have – pretty much informal, by consensus?

Trailhead signs - both content and materials. I know State Parks has already started on theirs but know we may have suggestions on content.  The Borough is also working on sign standards.

Trail management issues that have been suggested in the past include - among other ideas -
1. Maintenance - volunteer coordination, MOU's, other, etc.

2. How can we continue to have races without negatively impacting other trail users?
Hardening of trails, limiting races to trails with greater carrying capacities, other ideas?

3. How can system better accommodate diversity of users (hikers, bikers, skiers, horses, runners, dog walkers) - both types of use and skill / fitness level?
Design trails for certain uses, harden, more trails, other ideas?

4. How to characterize amount of trail use (number and type of users) to improve management and maintenance? (not just numbers at the trailhead, but uses on different trails)

5. Others

We might want to start a fresh list, but some of these issues keep coming up.

No, we don't expect to solve the world's problems in one night, but hopefully we can prioritize some things and move forward on at least one or two items (several are interconnected under the concept of planning, building, and maintaining a trail system). We need what, who, where, when, how, and where to get funds, if needed.

See you Monday. Come ready to discuss.

Directions to farm:
 See Matanuska Farm Trailhead on  Coming from the Palmer-Wasilla Hwy direction, follow Trunk Rd until you see the Experiment Farm buildings on the left (sign is on the right). Coming from the Parks Hwy, take Trunk Rd exit, then toward roundabout, taking the Georgeson exit, then turn in the farm on the right. Google needs to update things for the road construction. Our trail signs are better than the road signs right now.

The blue marker is just west of the lab building (Kerttula Hall). You can park either there or just east of the building.  We’ll be in the upstairs lab at the north end. Parking on east side, you just enter right into the lab. Parking on the west side, come though the main door in the center, then right until you see the stairs, up them, then right through two doors (including a drying room) to the lab. We'll try to remember to put signs up.