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Mat Greenbelt Updates 06/06/2011

posted Jun 7, 2011, 2:08 AM by Dot Helm
Trailhead Sign Draft: We will have a draft Crevasse-Moraine Trailhead sign at CMT from about noon to 4pm - full size. We'd be interested in comments. So far we've only seen the signs displayed on a screen, but MSB printed a couple drafts for us today, and it will be at the Mooseberry Stampede Race start. So come on out to race, volunteer (we can use a few more on race day), spectate, or just view / comment on the trailhead sign.

Trail Signs: If anyone sees any problems with the signs already installed, please let me know. Most comments have been positive, but I've heard a couple concerns about getting confused. State Parks still has to install a few posts as does CMT, which partly depends on landfill expansion. Having learned time frames for these things, the signs will likely get up in the fall, hopefully before snow. The last I heard, neither the Landfill nor Community Development had funds to do any work this year, so it looks like the trailhead will stay the same for another year.

Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation fundraiser: Thanks so much for your support for this. I think there were 86 people at the dinner. The group now has a Facebook page "Mat Su Trails" as well as website:  More information will be posted on those sites as the Foundation develops.

Upcoming Events: Don't forget that some events are on the Calendar
June 11 Mooseberry Stampede Mountain Bike Race ( )
June 25-26 24 Hours of Matanuska (contact Speedway Cycles)
July 23 Tri the Trails ( )
Aug 11 Agriculture Appreciation Day at the UAF Matanuska Experiment Farm, noon to 7pm (Farm Fun Run in the evening)

Courtesy: Just a reminder that we've got a lot of different uses with a lot of different skill / fitness levels on the trails = mixed speed traffic. As we get more trail users, we (both racers, folks training for races, dog walkers, bird watchers, everyone) need to stay alert to what's going on around them and yield appropriately. Generally wheels yield to heels yield to hooves. But self-preservation also suggests to yield to that which is bigger or faster. Try to respect everyone's trail experience.

Have fun on the trails this summer.