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Jan 25 Update: Trail Rondy, Calendar, Signage

posted Jan 25, 2011, 11:02 PM by Dot Helm
1. We wanted to make sure everyone knows about Trail Rondy put on by Alaska Trails, Fri-Sun, April 15-17 at the Palmer Job Corps Center. It will have "training, discussions, hands-on demonstrations and vendors focused on the needs of Alaska's trail community. This will be a great opportunity for all the trail enthusiasts, planners and builder to learn new skills and techniques,  test out the latest equipment, network find opportunities for future employment, and share ideas about how we can all work together to make Alaska's trails the best they can be." More information will be available sometime soon on their website, and I'll update you. I've been to a couple Alaska Trails functions in the past (Fairbanks and Anchorage), and they are well worth attending.

2. We now have some activities on our Matanuska Greenbelt calendar:
This is for meetings, festivals, races, whatever. The only ones on there right now are ones that I was aware of and not sure how firm some of them are. (sometimes permits aren't signed until a lot closer to the race) Please let me know of any activities coming up and I'll put them on the calendar. Most don't have details yet. (one each in June, July, August so far)  This can help both people who might be interested in participating / watching / volunteering as well as those who want to avoid crowds.

3. Trail signs. Directional signs for those very late fall posts are being worked on by Warning Lites now. We hope to be able to install them before breakup. We should be working on the last State Parks posts - where they want them, etc. - this spring and summer also. CMT posts will depend on landfill expansion and new trailhead. Donor plate signs for the late 2010 donations arrived sometime during one of our deep freezes. (Both vendors had some major issues causing the delay.) They'll get put up when the weather warms.

4. Trailhead signage is being worked on. The committee met once, and lots of email exchanges both within the committee and with some of the land managers or their reps where we knew there were some particular issues. We've been through several design approaches, and some things are starting to sift out.