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Draft Trailhead signs

posted Oct 21, 2010, 1:38 PM by Dot Helm
Trailhead Signs: Drafts of four trailhead signs - one for each property owner are now online.

1. Especially look at wording for Etiquette and Prohibited Activities / Park Rules as well as the Yield sign and configuration. Compare among land owners. Some wording is related to the different land owners; some I was testing for readability. Short and sweet sometimes isn't as clear as a slightly more detailed sentence.

For the non-motorized symbols, I started out with the no snow machines and no ATVs, then realized we probably need a no OHV, then a no trailbike, then something else that doesn't exist yet. Then I found the one online with the dominant motorized means in one big circle with a slash through it. Then I made my own like that. The "no" symbols are deliberately black on white - the opposite of the allowable uses which are white on black for most of the parcels.

2. You can make comments on the map, but that isn't the one that will be in the final version. It will be 8in = 1mi. I will resize the scale (shorten the height) and maybe some repositioning of the legend and compass rose. I need to play with the colors on the map since we've found out that red fades and the yellow that shows up so well on our small maps is almost invisible with the large printers. The background comes out lighter as those that have seen the draft noticed.

3. I included 2 for State Parks, but both for the Mat Lake trailhead. One is consistent with the formatting we're using for the rest of the signs. The other is more consistent with their template which has wide margins and more background color for the text blocks. Let me know which you prefer. It probably won't make a difference for what they do, but if people prefer that setup, I can convert the others to that. They may use a 2-sided bulletin board approach, which is their standard. So they may split up some of the material or condense.

Along these lines, I had just started somewhat arbitrarily with dark green outlines, then light green text backgrounds with black letters. I tried dark blue for everything on MSC's sign, using white text in the colored blocks - just as an example of variation. They could all be made the same or vary the colors by landowners.

4. None of the landowners have seen these versions. However, most of them have had some input to this version. I do think most people think we're getting close to a final version and just minor tweaking.

5. The Current Events section in lower left corner was intended as a place to post announcements of things coming up - races, festivals, pesticide spraying, whatever, but I'm not sure it will work that way because of the structure. We may just use a wood panel for that.